about Elsbeth

In my art I like exploring the narrative, the storytelling. At times it can be quite a literal narrative when I use animation or the graphic novel/comic strip approach. Other times I bring in different layers within my work to tell the story. I love having the freedom to pick whatever form is suitable and which I enjoy playing with the most.

Usually a story springs to mind and the form in which I want to tell it becomes immediately obvious. My medium of choice is always paper or cardboard. Either to draw on or to cut out. It is versatile in its simplicity and I’m still discovering new techniques and ways to create what I have imagined.

Elsbeth van der Poel
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Current location London, UK
http://www.StudioElsbeth.com http://www.WorryBoy.com



Bachelor in Fine Arts – 1996 – 2000 St. Joost Art School – Breda, The Netherlands



exhibitions & performances

June 2017 – E17 Art Trail E17, UK


June 2016 – WorryBoy – A Visual Story Solo-Exhibition

The Oxford House, Bethnal Green, London, UK

January 2015 – 15115 Solo-Exhibition

Studio Elsbeth, Stamford Hill, London, UK

June 2014 – performance


Performance with animation

“Flash The Sea”

Horsley – Main Hall, UK

April 2014 – Diorama Series Mitsui Sumitomo, London UK


20-30 June 2002 – Breda 750 years Local Shop (exhibition, performance & animation) Valkenberg Park, Breda, The Netherlands



2001 – Local Shop @ Central Station


Central Station Breda, The Netherlands



July 2000 – Graduation Exhibition NBKS Breda, The Netherlands


publications & prizes:

April 2017 – Interview Art Reveal – magazine

ISBN: 978-1-36-420840-0

2017 – Wapperkids –“Tim Zoekt Een Walvis” Oosterhout (NL) Children’s Picture Book

Illustrated and designed


2016 – Let’s Be Free Festival Exhibition London UK – First prize – Bear With Me


2015 – Starry Nights “Artists to Look out For” New Mexico (USA) – page 89

ISBN: 978-1-329-71514-1

2005 – 2016 – Wapperkids books DVDs, posters Utrecht (NL) sign language illustrations


2012 – Sketchbook Project NYC (USA) – Tim Smith (Cardiacs)


2009 – Bagazine #3 Pasadena (USA) – Lay Down Your Hair


2007 – Sound Of Drowning – Music Special London (UK) – spread “The Monsoon Bassoon”


2004 – 2006 – No18 Small Press #1, #2 Edinburgh & London (UK) – editor & contributing artist


2001 – 2002 – Raaf art publications Breda  (NL) – contributing artist


1999 – 2003 – Local Shop Small Press #1 to #8 Breda (NL) – editor & contributing artist



June 2017 – WorryBoy School ProgramCreator and facilitator Year 6 of Christchurch Primary School got invited into the story and created their own art work.


2016 – WorryBoy School ProgramCreator and facilitator Year 5 and 6 (9-11yrs) got invited into the story and created their own art work. Their art work was exhibited during the WorryBoy exhibition alongside my work (Shaftesbury Primary, Hague Primary and Chisenhale Primary)


2015 – Art Club After school club for Year 1 and Year 2 (5-7yrs)

–       Creating a fantastical newspaper

–       Designing shadow puppets

2013 – Comic Club After school club KS2 (7-11yrs)

–       Design your own superhero

–       Create comic zine

2011 – 2012 – 5x5x5 – one of the 2 artists involved Art Project with Nursery (3-4yrs) & Reception Children (4-5yrs) Being free to create what they want, letting their imagination go wild. Working together and finding creative solutions in a playful way.


2010 – Brown Bear film directing and editing Film Project with group of primary school children with Complex Needs. Apart from acting, singing and signing they were also involved in creating the props and costumes.



Instagram: @StudioElsbeth

Twitter: @StudioElsbeth

YouTube: Studio Elsbeth

WorryBoy: www.WorryBoy.com

email: WorryBoyMail@gmail.com




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