WorryBoy fun!

WorryBoy Program at Free Space – Picture courtesy of Daniel Reegan

WorryBoy has been a part of my life for a long while and in the last 2 years more so than ever! I’ve seen WorryBoy change from an idea to represent my own history with depression to a visual story, an exhibition, a school program, a graphic novel in the making and now also a fun workshop at Free Space Health Centre!

Blogpost: http://freespaceproject.org/kids-comicbook-making/

and: https://www.worryboy.com/worryboy-freespace

I am always blown away by the creative thinking of kids and their comics were all as unique as they themselves were. I had the best time and am looking forward to the second workshop on Wednesday 22nd August!

For more information: http://freespaceproject.org/whatson/

For more information about everything WorryBoy: www.WorryBoy.com


Project-M – digital collages

mama crohns Elsbeth van der Poelmama crohns2 Elsbeth van der Poelmama in purple Elsbeth van der Poel


My mum was a very beautiful and strong woman, who choose life even when Crohn’s (or the horrible side-effect of drugs) made her live in agony. Her brother and my uncle, Jan Wendt, took these photos and when I miss having my mum in my life it is very comforting to be able to use these photos. In this way she will remain an important part in my life ❤