Kickstarter for the WorryBoy exhibition 2016

WB2 - Elsbeth van der Poel   71 copy

The time has come to really kick-start the WorryBoy exhibition!
Spring 2016 WorryBoy will come to life at the Oxford House in Bethnal Green, London (exact date will follow this week)
I have set up a Kickstarter account to create some funds to support the whole operation…
It would be awesome if you want to be part of this project!
Follow the link below to get all the information and ways to support WorryBoy…and receive the different WB-inspired rewards!
… I hope to see you at The Oxford House this coming spring to take a walk through WorryBoy’s head…and see if he will ever get out…

Click here to go to Kickstarter

Click here to see the exhibition trailer on YouTube

upcycling my oma & opa’s chair

before & after Studio Elsbeth

This chair belonged to my grandparents. They got 4 of those at the end of the 50’s Their house had burned down and there was nothing left. A lot of furniture they got from friends but I believe that they had bought these brand new. I’ve always loved these chairs. Maybe because of the memories of being with my oma and opa. They are beautiful chairs, which only became more apparent when I started sanding them down. It was a pleasure transforming this chair into an Alice in Wonderland chair!

….down the rabbit hole!

2015-08-14 13.18.07  2015-08-14 13.29.28  2015-08-14 14.43.57

mess Studio Elsbeth