In The Mind – Artist Talk

I’m very excited that the exhibition has been extended up to 10th April!!

On top of that, on 26th February at 6.30pm, Kathryn and I will be giving an artist talk and show people how our journeys through mental health led to the artworks we created!

It is free…and you’ll find all the details here! Hopefully see you there!

More on WorryBoy:

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Let’s talk about death, baby

date with death
Date with Death

In May it’ll be a year since my mum passed. Overall I’ve been able to talk about it quite well and art has been my saving grace. But I often avoid talking about euthanasia. My mum chose to die.
I rarely talk about it.
I’m afraid people might judge or say stupid things. But talking about it is important. It is a controversial subject and brings up all sorts of beliefs about life and death.
It comes down to respecting the choices the person you love has made. Honouring an other person’s view.
I found it difficult but fully supported my mum’s decision. And the alternative wasn’t really an option either.
I did wish my mum would go on her own before the gp would arrive. The day and night before she was already with one foot on the other side. I told her it was okay to let go.

date with death detail
Date with Death – detail

Having a date with death at precisely 1.30pm is tough. As much as I wanted to stretch out the days before to have as much time with her as possible, that early afternoon the minutes dragged and I just sat with this heaviness in me, dreading that very last goodbye, wishing it to be over and at the same time not.
My mum choose her ending. After a life of pain all she wanted was rest and see her mum, oma.

It suited her. Being in charge to the last second. And I love her for that.
The GP was a wonderful man and the nurse who came daily was a blessing.
In all the heavy emotions it was a beautiful goodbye filled with love.
She died holding my hand, on her way to oma 💖

Kickstarter for the WorryBoy exhibition 2016

WB2 - Elsbeth van der Poel   71 copy

The time has come to really kick-start the WorryBoy exhibition!
Spring 2016 WorryBoy will come to life at the Oxford House in Bethnal Green, London (exact date will follow this week)
I have set up a Kickstarter account to create some funds to support the whole operation…
It would be awesome if you want to be part of this project!
Follow the link below to get all the information and ways to support WorryBoy…and receive the different WB-inspired rewards!
… I hope to see you at The Oxford House this coming spring to take a walk through WorryBoy’s head…and see if he will ever get out…

Click here to go to Kickstarter

Click here to see the exhibition trailer on YouTube

Collection – Summer 2015

Collection Summer 2015 

 watch out for monsters watch out for monsters - detail II watch out for monsters - detail

Watch Out For Monsters (with details) – mixed media – 29.7 x 87 cm

connected - pink bears

Bear With Me – mixed media – 52.5 x 73.5cm

Elsbeth van der Poel - connected I

Connected I – pencil on paper – 15 x 20 cm

connected II - Elsbeth van der Poel - Copy

Connected II – pencil on paper – 12 x 20 cm

wolf - Elsbeth van der Poel - Studio Elsbeth

Wolf – pencil & pen – 32 x 26.5cm

   Elsbeth van der Poel - Radiant Selfie

Radiant Selfie – mixed media – 23.5 x 32.5 x 3.5cm

15115 exhibition

connected vs dark thoughts

15115 installation III- Elsbeth van der Poel

15115 installation III - detail- Elsbeth van der Poel    15115 installation III - detail- connected - Elsbeth van der Poel

15115 installation III - detail- dark forest2 - Elsbeth van der Poel   15115 installation III - detail- dark forest - Elsbeth van der Poel   15115 installation III - detail- dark forest3 - Elsbeth van der Poel

bear, wolf, spiders and the flower of life

15115 installation II - detail- flower of life - Elsbeth van der Poel

15115 installation II - detail - bear and spiders - Elsbeth van der Poel

oma and monsters in the fireplace

15115 installation I - Elsbeth van der Poel

15115 installation I detail - oma - Elsbeth van der Poel  15115 installation I detail - monsters in the fireplace - Elsbeth van der Poel15115 installation I detail - monsters - Elsbeth van der Poel

15115 - monsters in the fireplace- Elsbeth van der Poel

ocean life or my view from inside the whale

15115 installation IV - whale and sealife - Elsbeth van der Poel   15115 installation IV - whale and sealife detail - Elsbeth van der Poel

cardboard animation

15115 installation III - cardboard animation - Elsbeth van der Poel