As a child I much preferred reading comics to books. As I got older I discovered a great love for reading books, but comics and graphic novels are still my favourite reads!

Playing with the comic strip is something I love doing and here is a random collection of work that I have created over the past 20 years:

01. page amygdala comic 150dpi

02. page amygdala comic 150dpi

Brain Child (My Amygdala) – 2019

sad - 01 - text 150dpi

sad - 02 - text 150dpi

sad - 03 - text

WorryBoy – Sad – 2019

page1 with text 150dpi

page2 with text 150dpi

WorryBoy – Oh, joy a party… – 2018


WorryBoy 2015


mein herr  mein herr 2

Mein Herr 2007

Elsbeth van der Poel - stuk - broken smaller  Elsbeth van der Poel - brigitte lay down your hair 150dpi

Stuk (broken) 2001 and Brigitte Helm lay down your hair 2008


Elsbeth van der Poel - voodoo dolly serie small   Elsbeth van der Poel - Blitz and the Wizard - smaller  Elsbeth van der Poel - Johnny gets angry

Voodoo Dolly 2009, Blitz and the Wizard 2000 and Johnny 2009


Blitz and the tennis-match 1999




Mee (Away) 1999


Choices (pre-WorryBoy) 1998

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