“This was bad. The pain in Jonah’s head was getting from bad to worse. It started with a few little stings, then it progressed to some light thumping as if someone was pretending to play the piano inside his head and decided to use his brains as the keys. It didn’t take long or it had reached a point where the piano had been traded in for a drum kit and the pain was in every inch of his head. Jonah had to hold his head with both hands. This was so inconvenient; Jonah had a lot to do tomorrow and needed all the energy he could get. There was the big worry of the test. He had revised nearly every day, but was it enough? He had promised to help Jamila…but…ouch…this headache was bad indeed…”  WorryBoy – chapter 1

learning-to-meditate-etsy jonah-fainting-etsy jamila-finds-jonah-etsy invite-etsy in-his-head-etsy hospital-sequence-etsy being-chucked-etsy

WB3 - Elsbeth van der PoelWB2 - Elsbeth van der Poel

IMG_3701    it feels as if someone is watching...

Analysing the Culprits – pen & ink



 MA propaganda poster with soldiers2

M.A. – digital image

2015-10-30 16.32.40


I used images of early 20th Century East London as an inspiration.


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